Whirlwind Glass Art

Cremation Pendants

A small amount of your loved ones’ ashes are encased in layers of molten glass to create a unique, custom-made wearable keepsake piece of art. While I have many different colors and shades of glass, no two pieces are ever the same. This is part of the magic of the creation.

To create your pendant, I need approximately ½ teaspoon of fine ashes. Much of this (any excess) will be returned to you along with the finished piece. You will need to provide me with your preferred colors or color types. The shape of the pendant will depend upon your wishes and color choice and may be round, square, or oblong.

Please be assured that I treat all cremains with the utmost respect and reverence. Your pendant contains only the ashes from your pet.

Prices vary depending on the complexity and number of firings it will take to achieve the finished piece. Please contact me for more details or to make arrangements to have a pendant made.